Pastor Dennis Massenberg reflects on the internal struggle he faced in reconciling his faith and his sexuality on the path to establishing his own church.

Purpose in the Pulpit was a project I produced for the Triangle Empowerment Center as a way to increase their outreach to the African-American MSM community in central North Carolina. TEC is a non-profit organization in Durham, NC that provides outreach and support to individuals with HIV/AIDS.  They had partnered with the UNC Center for AIDS Research to host panel discussions on the intersectionality of faith and homosexuality in the African-American church. I saw this as an opportunity to explore the personal journey of Dennis Massenberg, a local pastor and founder of a small church in Raleigh, NC. The piece is designed to destigmatize the antiquated ideas of HIV/AIDS and encourage dialogue in faith communities. The piece was created as a education and engagement tool for TEC  outreach campaigns as well as featured in the UNC Center for AIDS Research monthly newsletter.


Client: Triangle Empowerment Center/UNC Center for AIDS Research
Role: Producer, Cinematographer, and Editor
The Atlantic, Editor's Pick
Official Selection, 2015 TeaDance Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Official Selection, 2015 Kaleidoscope Little Rock LGBT Film Festival
Official Selection, 2015 Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Best Shorts Awards 2015, Award of Merit: LGBT, Award of Merit: African American
Southern Short Course 2015, 1st Place, Short-Term Multimedia Project
Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar 2015, 2nd Place, Long-Term Documentary Project